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I really enjoyed my Wardrobe Consultation - it was fun as well as very useful. It makes you look at your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. The real benefits come when you go shopping as you shop in a very different way. I wish I had this consultation years ago - I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of heart ache. Highly recommended! (Wardrobe Consultation ) Mary - Rugby

I had a wardrobe consultation which was very much needed and was much more uplifting than I could ever have imagained! It has changed the way I think about what I put on and why. I now wear things I never would have had the confidence to go out in and probably MORE importantly have "cleansed" hundreds of clothes I should never have put on in the first instance! Thank you Helen for all your advice and honesty! Great service and a job very well done! Looking forward to the personal shop now! (Wardrobe Consultation) Steve - Coventry


I had two events coming up, a VIP event and a short holiday in Southern Spain, I wasn’t looking forward to finding anything to attend both because at 46, size 18/20 I lost confidence in the wardrobe department. I work long hours with travel and tended to stick to ‘safe’ black work suits and shockingly ill-fitting jeans at weekends. After much of my own research, the call that finally clinched it was with Helen. Helen listened to my dilemma, frailties and concerns and even offered advice on the phone that I could implement straight away. I decided that to have a much needed wardrobe consultation and personal shopping event. Both of which was an awe-inspiring experience. The wardrobe has now been vastly slimmed down, yet I have more outfits to wear and they’ve all been nipped-in, pressed or polished and only the right outfits for my shape/size. The personal shopping event was such a great experience; my VIP event outfit catapulted me back to my youth – it was exactly the right ‘grown up’ version of something I’d wear over 20 years ago and it not only felt great, I know I looked great. My holiday outfits were so few, some sales items mixed with my current slimmed wardrobe; yet so effective. I’ve never had such a light suitcase; I checked it so many times to make sure! Helen is extraordinarily sensitive to who you are and what you’re trying to achieve; coupled with a flair for current trends, classic trends and new seasons, Helen works to get you to where you want to be. To top all this and more, Helen ensures you continue to follow the good advice and reap the benefit from your experience by providing photographic evidence of both the wardrobe consultation and the personal shopping into a detailed, very useful matrixed report. There is no way you won’t know what garment to wear; it’s all there in the report. It’s been a month now since my experience and I’m still following her advice to not make the silly impulse purchases I used to make; the money saving even in the short term is valuable let alone long term and I’m already working on continuing my journey with Helen for the Autumn and Winter season. Thank you again Helen for the much needed confidence boost and advice, all of which is taken on board. (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop) Colleen - Cheltenham


Helen is a true professional and made me feel completely at ease I finally have a fantastic pair of designer jeans (that fit) after years of wanting some but feeling to fat to even try some on. (Jean Shop) Amanda - Market Bosworth


I contacted Helen subsequent to a friend using her and I was so impressed (and a little jealous) of her wardrobe that I wanted to give her a try. I had a baby a year ago and was about to return to work so wanted an improved wardrobe and some updates to my casual wardrobe too.

Helen was very efficient in communicating before the shop and brilliant on the day. I really enjoyed the shop, Helen challenged me to try new things and also managed to help me track down well fitting specific items (e.g. black trousers) that I usually really struggle with due to my shape. Helen also advised me on the best brands to try for my shape which I have found really useful. The clothes that I bought are also versatile and can be used for work and play. Helen kept a close track of my budget on the day which was great and was careful to advise me when I went over, I happily broke my own budget rule for the day!

The follow up report that Helen provided has also proved useful and I find myself referring back to it - she even advises which of your items you can wear with what as a reference guide. I have definitely found myself dressing in a different way and thinking through what I am wearing. I am also (for the first time in a long time) enjoying putting together what to wear for work and feel as though I know what to look for when I shop.

I would thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone, it's a true delight to shop with her! (Personal Shop) Laura - Birmingham


Helen came to my house and did a wardrobe sort out. Pretty ruthless- but excellent guidance on what suits me & what to avoid. A big pile for the charity shop & a tailored shopping list. My report came in the post a few days later as promised. Complete commentary with photos - so I didn't have to remember everything as she taught me a lot. Then I went shopping with her in Leamington Spa- with my hit list of the most practical items to buy. (Followed by another summary report) she stuck to my budget spot on and got all the items I needed. Shopping for clothes is a new experience for me- no longer worrying about whether xyz will suit! Overall, well worth the money. The money I spent I will definitely save on not buying clothes I will never wear! and what I do have is coordinating excellently. I can honestly say I have had sooo many compliments about how I look since my time with Helen. If you are stuck in a rut, clueless and want to change your look & your life - start with Helen. (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop) Sophie - Essex


My personal consultation was a surprise gift from a family member. At the time I probably wouldn't have thought to buy it for myself - although I would now. Helen visited me at my home for my personal consultation and it was good fun, very pleasant, informative and productive. I now have a well ordered wardrobe which is easy for me to maintain and develop. I immediately followed Helen's advice and bought 2 or 3 inexpensive items which have enhanced my present wardrobe and have proved to be frequently worn acquistions. I also have a clear idea of what I should be buying and what I should be leaving on the sales rails! The consultation has helped me to recognise my own body shape and be better able to dress and (purchase!) wisely. Thank you Helen! (Wardrobe Consultation) Sandra - Edinburgh


After spending the last few years in limbo and not really sure at 52yrs how I should be dressing, I knew I wanted a more classier look but didn't know how to achieve this look without feeling frumpy and old-fashioned. My husband booked a consultation and shopping trip with Helen for me and it was a fantastic experience. I now am a more confident person, not frightened to spend that bit more on quality items. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop) Carol - Warwick


After a fantastic wardrobe consultation, I wanted to share with my friends, another wonderful service that Helen provides. I decided to have a style party and invited 11 of my friends to come along to have an unforgettable 2 hours, laughing, learning and leaving with new thoughts, ideas and wanting to know more! Helen is brilliant. She is relaxed, professional and has a wealth of knowledge about, amongst many things, the importance of underwear, dressing for a particular body shape, wardrobe maintenance, accessorising and how to make the most out of the clothes that we already own! I have had nothing but praise and thanks from all my friends for the encouragement, advice, honesty and skills that Helen has. We have all gone away with a new sense of enthusiasm, confidence and importantly, the “feel good factor” about making the very best of what we have. Helen is an inspiration........and I can recommend her services whole heartedly....... (Style Party) Jude - Solihull

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