Men's Consultations

Do you want to make a brilliant First Impression? Do you struggle to find the right clothes for you? Do you have a Personal Style? Do you want a complete new image? Has someone caught your eye...and now you need to catch theirs?

Men are starting to realise that wearing the right clothes and daily grooming is no longer just for women. Today's men are more aware of the importance of their visual image to look slimmer, younger, feel more confident, attract a new partner or simply to stand out in their workplace. If you make the wrong first impression, it can take up to 21 subsequent meetings before the negative opinion of you is changed... which could be expensive and time-consuming to correct, whether it's a new client, new manager or new lady you're trying to impress.

A 'throw anything on' look can be misconstrued as lazy, unhygienic and incapable and could actually be getting in the way of job prospects and romantic success. When you look your best, people are drawn to you, and you will gain more positive responses from colleagues, family, friends and strangers. Your image is important, because whatever you hope to achieve - new job, promotion, business success, great relationships, confidence, higher income - all will become easier if you look the part. Trust me... I can help you create the right Image and help you save time and money...

Prior to any Shopping trips, we will either meet face to face or speak over the telephone to complete a pre-shop questionnaire. This will enable me to collect as much information about you, measurements, your goals, challenges, lifestyle and budget. I will be able to establish your requirements and discuss the itinery and plan for your Shopping trip.

Personal Shop

A Personal Shop with me will remove your fears, frustration and change the way you shop and feel about yourself forever.

  • I undertake a pre-shop to reserve items ready for the day - allowing the Personal shop to be a pleasurable and time-efficient experience.
  • You will be introduced to new brands, styles, colours and accessories.
  • All advice is honest yet respectful so everything you buy will become a valuable and a cost effective item of your new capsule wardrobe, totally suited to your lifestyle.
  • I will save you time and money, as you learn where, how and when to shop.
  • You will feel an increase of confidence and self-esteem, so you get a 'spring' back into your step!

Wave goodbye to making any future expensive mistakes (hanging in your wardrobe) or disheartening unsuccessful shopping trips. Shopping will become a totally new experience… and an enjoyable one too!

Special Occasion Shop

What goes through your mind when friends invite you to a party - a great excuse to get dressed up? You’ve got an interview for that ‘dream’ job and need to make the right first impression. You have that 'dream' date and want to look and feel a million dollars?

These events should be something to look forward to with excitement and anticipation, but how many of us dread the thought of never finding a perfect outfit, knowing that we will end up 'making do' with something that’s just OK? Let me help remove that fear and take the stress out of deciding ‘what to wear’ with a Special Occasion Shop. I can help with any special occasion, wedding, christening, seasonal ball, interview, party, special birthday, new job, promotion, and of course honeymoon… Just tell me what you want to achieve...

We will meet over a coffee to discuss what you need and how I can help. I will take the necessary details from you, and will then visit the stores in advance of our shopping trip to pre-select garments so they are ready for you to try on the day. You want to look your best - whatever the occasion – let me help you stand out and not just blend in!

Jean Shop

Men wear jeans most of the time outside of work (some even at work) as they are a wardrobe staple. So it is important that you get this number one item of clothing right, the fit, the style, the wash, even the brand... to ensure they flatter you and are correct for your lifestyle. If you get these wrong... the message to others is wrong!

Finding a good fitting pair of jeans is fashion's holy grail! Today jeans are a staple item of everybody’s wardrobe and often a key element in seasonal trends. Each season brings with it new cuts, features, treatments and embellishments but it is essential you know what works for you. I know where to look and what styles and brands will suit you and your body shape whatever your budget...

We will speak to discuss your specific requirements, measurements, and budget and I will help you step into style in well fitting jeans. I will visit the stores in advance of our shopping trip to pre-select the jeans so they are ready for you to try on the day. The feeling of wearing correctly fitted jeans is powerful...

Seasonal Trends Update

Trends do come and go but each season new styles of clothing, colours, prints are released and we see them in magazines, on TV and in the shops. How you translate these trends is very important to ensure you continue looking stylish and current. Knowing how to achieve this appropriately can be tricky... so let me help you to look up-to-date but still reflect your individual style each season...

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