I'm not sure which service to choose?

Give me a call so I can get to know your requirements then I can guide you to the best service. Everything is tailored for client, so be assured I am flexible in my approach.

What are the costs?

All services are individually tailored to meet your needs within your budget. Investing in yourself will always be affordable... beause during our discussions you will choose the variety and length of the programme.

How can I justify the cost?

Everything I share with you will last you a lifetime. A consultation with me is good value for money so are new hair cuts every 6 weeks, a facial or massage, cosmetics, manicures, gym membership etc... but investing in your image will give you permanent knowledge and confidence... Why some clothes make you feel a million dollars, while others do nothing for you. I will save you money and time to enjoy looking and feeling fabulous!

What training have you received?

Involved with fashion all my life, I trained at the UKs leading Image Consultancy - The Alicia Kite Academy www.aliciakiteacademy.co.uk and I am an active Senior Consultant.

Will I have to buy lots of new clothes... as I have a small budget?

You will only have to buy what I identify is missing from your wardrobe, and I will demonstrate how to wear your existing items with confidence by adding accessories or in some cases alterations so they work harder for you.

I don't want anyone to know about this?

Everything is confidential, so no one needs to know... just you and I. Unless you want to share your experience with everyone!

I'm worried I won't remember all your advice?

You will receive a personalised report covering everything we discuss. I am always at the end of the phone or will reply to emails with any questions you may have.

I am embarrassed about you seeing my wardrobe

You have nothing to worry about. I will have a telephone conversation with you to discuss any concerns you have and explain what is involved - this will put you at ease. I will show you how to enjoy your existing wardrobe, how to renew items, demonstrate how to organise your items so you utilise them all... which will save you both Time and Money!

I can use a store Personal Shopper for free, what makes you different?

Free Personal Shopping services are great, but they will only advise you on the items they stock, missing out on the rest of the High Street. Having gained an indepth knowledge of your personality, your bodyshape, your lifestyle and your budget, I can look at all retailers to satisfy your 'individual' requirements.

I'm always being overlooked at work and in my personal life, can you help me to stand out?

The key is to get noticed because you look the part not because you are wearing clothing that is not right for the workplace or your personal life. People fall into the trap of dressing for the job they have rather than the job they want... this is why they don't stand out, get promoted or meet a new partner. Together we can design an image that allows you to get positively noticed.

If people judge me by the way I look and dress then they must be shallow

First impressions count – it’s a known fact that people form an opinion on a persons appearance within 30 seconds. The way you present yourself to others, can make a big difference to your life and this is where I can help you get more from life. If you look good you feel good. You are more confident and it can be the difference between getting the job or promotion you want and even meeting the partner of your dreams.

Will you make me throw away all my clothes and start again?

No. I will review your wardrobe items to ensure they fit you correctly and flatter you. Items that do not show off your body shape should be removed, along with items that are too big or small. My approach is to renew and recycle clothing where appropriate and identify key missing items you need to invest in - this will save you money and time.

I don't want to look 'old', will you make me dress my age?

Age does not define how you should dress... your body shape, personality and self-belief determines how you should dress. I will give you the confidence to create your own personal style. 

Men who use you must be going through a mid-life crisis?

Some of my favourite clients are men under 30 years... lucky me!

How will your advice boost staff morale and improve their performance?

Investing in your staff to enhance their image will be positive for them and your business. Their morale and performance will improve as they feel good about themselves.

If you have more questions... please contact me by phone or email.


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