Business Image Consultations

Do you dress for the job you want... or the job you have?

Impressions are important – but how often do you think about first impressions when you give proposals or presentations to your clients? You only get one chance to make the right first impression, so make sure it's a good one.

Your image continuously sends out powerful messages about you as a person and what you represent. Over 50% of first impressions are based on your appearance, and these are formed within seconds or people meeting you. We all have a brand image whether we’ve consciously cultivated it or not – but what does yours say about you? Is the perception that others have about you really what you think it is, what you want it to be – or, is it MILES OFF?

Your Personal Brand is what people say about you beyond your hearing, it’s the words they use to describe you to others and it’s how you make others feel about you – just like a corporate brand or a product brand. We don’t always think about how others see us; therefore, our personal brand is often left to chance. Even those who wear uniforms still have a choice in how they present themselves. We are now in a business world where people represent a brand more strongly than any slick website or glossy brochure ever can... your image is your Company's image!

People who take the time to consider how they present themselves will come across as those who value themselves and care for colleagues and the company. Think of a person who dresses quite 'dated', who comes across as having dated ideas and is unwilling to move with the times.

Or the 'It will do for work' mindset (of women in particular) who will wear makeup and well groomed hair for socialising, but do not see this as being important for work. How you dress creates an obvious visual impression, but also reflects a persons attitude and state of mind.

I can help you project the right business image and personal brand that sends out the 'correct message' of who you are and what you stand for

  • Review your current image and style
  • Business dress rules and standards
  • Your Personal Style - Branding
  • Increase confidence and self esteem, to achieve success
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